What is the process from the first contact with the school until you leave (Spanish Courses)?


What is the process from the first contact with the school until you leave (Spanish Courses)?

High quality service, communicative learning and an innovative approach are the three characteristics which best describe the learning experience at the school. We offer a wide range of Spanish Courses since 2013, which, combined with sociocultural activities, provide the students an authentic immersion experience. While they enjoy our sociocultural activities, they have the opportunity to explore our culture and practise Spanish with native speakers.
We would be pleased to receive you as a student.

The Spanish classes have an international atmosphere with groups formed of students from all over the world. Our qualified (ELE teachers) and experienced teachers help the students to achieve their goals, such as passing the DELE exam, the most prestigious and recognised diploma in Spanish as a foreign language.

What is the process from the first contact with the school until you leave?
1. The first contact with us usually is through our website or by mail. Normally, our potential students have doubts about what is the most suitable course for them, what is their level or how to register.
2. Then, we give them some advice and provide them with a placement test. Furthermore, if they need a visa, we explain to them which is the best course to support their visa application (there may be variations in requirements by country, we recommend to contact previously with the Embassy of Spain in their country to verify). We guide them during the whole process giving them all the information about the courses, although it is the student who has to apply for it.
3. When students arrive the first day at the school, we give them the study material and a welcome pack, then we introduce them to their classmates and the teacher.
4. During their stay we show them historical spots throughout the city of Girona and nearby towns.
5. Before the course finishes, they take a test, and if they pass, we give them an academic certificate.

You will find more information about our Summer Programme and a brochure with all our services:
Summer Programme: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HC0wttxNOJl1Oa2oyRuYq1rN_IDjm056/view?usp=sharing
Spanish Courses Brochure (ENG): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Rs5qEOjeyiEaZjku7dKI0pSxk_6TpEPD/view?usp=sharing

16 Julio 2019

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