How to Impress the Examiners in the FCE/CAE Speaking Test


How to Impress the Examiners in the FCE/CAE Speaking Test

Here are some phrases that you can use in the speaking test so as to wow the examiners:

I’m into…
I’m a keen/avid (surfer)
I’m keen on/fond of (surfing)
I (go surfing) to unwind, to escape the
stresses and strains of my day to day life.
I like nothing more than (to go surfing)
I’m itching to try/go…. (I really want to)

As far as I’m concerned,
As I see it,
From my point of view,
In my humble opinion,
I’d say that…

Both pictures show…
In this picture they look as though they
are…. Whereas/while in this picture…
In contrast
On the other hand

Describing pictures
The first thing that strikes me about this picture is…
The thing that really jumps out of this picture is…
In this picture it looks as if/though they are…
They could/might/may be…
They could/might/may have just…
I’m pretty sure that they’re feeling…
I’d guess that they are…

We see eye to eye.
Yeah, I’d go along with that.
You took the words right out of my mouth.
I couldn’t agree more.
You have a point there.
I’m with you 100% on this one.

We don’t see eye to eye.
I take your point but…
I tend to disagree with you there.
That’s not always the case
I beg to differ
Isn’t it more a case of…

Starting to make a conclusion
Let’s get down to the nitty gritty.
The bottom line is we have to choose one…
It’s a tough one, I’m torn between … and ….
Shall we go with ….?

Asking for opinion
What’s your take on….?
Where do you stand on….?
In my opinion…., would you go along with that?
What are your thoughts on this?

Speaking from personal experience,…
For me personally,..
This is a topic that is particularly close to my
It’s funny I was just thinking about this the
other day.
My gut/initial reaction is…
If I were to choose one of these situations
(part 2 pictures), I’d go with… because…

Impressive structures
Another point I’d like to add about … is…
It’s also worth bearing in mind that…
Coming back to what (Javi) was saying about …. I’d also like
to point out that…
I think it’s important not to forget that…
The vast majority of people tend to think that…
At the end of the day…
When all’s said and done…

Asking for repetition
I beg your pardon, I didn’t catch that.
Sorry would you mind repeating that?
Could you repeat the question please?

* Make eye-contact
* Active listening
* Use positive body language
* Speak up
* Don’t monopolise the conversation

19 Marzo 2018

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