American Stereotypes: What Are They Really Like?


American Stereotypes: What Are They Really Like?

What do you usually think of people from the United States? Do you think they’re fat, arrogant, and love guns? Or maybe that they’re usually tall, blonde, white, and drive big cars?

In this episode we’ll discuss some common American stereotypes, what is an “Ugly American,” and which of these, if any, are actually true! This might just come in handy before you travel to the USA, or if you are just curious about American culture.

Let’s jump in!

Do you have any American stereotypes? Or funny stereotypes about your country? COMMENT Below!

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Words You’ll Learn:
Salute – a gesture of respect made by putting one’s hand to one’s foreheard
Sommersalts – a gymnastic roll
Rags – old cloths often used for cleaning, or ragged clothing
Rags to riches – a story of someone who goes from being poor to rich
Sky is the limit – the possibilities are infinite
Can-do attitude – having a determination and openness to work hard and try anything
Guns – slang used to refer to one’s arm muscles
Flex – to contract a muscle
Cynical – having a negative view of others
Ugly American – a pejorative term used to refer to perceptions of loud, arrogant, demeaning, thoughtless, ignorant, and ethnocentric behavior of American citizens mainly abroad, but also at home. Although the term is usually associated with or applied to travelers and tourists, it also applies to U.S. corporate businesses in the international arena
Pejorative – expressing contempt or disapproval
Belittle – to dismiss as unimportant
Flip (one’s) lid – to explode with anger
Melting pot – a place characterized by a mix of many different cultures, ethnicities, races, etc.
Duality – contrast of two concepts or aspects
Buff – strong
In the buff – naked
Wasted – very drunk
WASP – White Anglo-Saxon Protestants – thought to be characteristic of the majority of people with money and power in the United States
Kickback – the reaction a gun has when it’s fired that can be dangerous if one is not prepared

24 Octubre 2017

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